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Blackwater Refuge Please
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Muddy Marsh Outfitters is one of the premier
Sika hunting organizations in the State of
Maryland. They offer bowhunting only, on
private land. To visit their website please

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There are vast opportunities to hunt the Sika deer in Maryland. Below is a
resource for you to use in finding just the right opportunity
Percy Ransome runs a quality sika hunting
operation where for a daily rate, you have
the opportunity to hunt Sikas with bow
archery equipment and gun. He also offers
great room and board
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Sikas are located in just a few counties but there
are thousands of acres of the best habitat
available to the public.
State Wildlife Management Areas
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Taylor’s Island WMA - 1120 acres
Fishing Bay WMA - 29,000 acres
LeCompte WMA - 485 acres

State Chesapeake Forest Lands –
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Hornicke/Oliphant Tract – 370 acres
Lewis Complex – 1594 acres
Baumgardner Southam Tract – 210 acres
Insley Tract – 445
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