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The Bald Eagle Incident

Was out the other morning set up in a great spot for some gobbler action with the
recurve. A gobble behind me revealed 5 hens and 3 strutters heading to the field I
was set up in. What a scene ...three strutters and the hens about 70 yards out in
front of me. They didn't give a hank about my decoys, whines, purrs and clucks but
who could blame them with those 5 hotties out there. Soon another hen comes out
of another corner of the field with another big gobbler in tow heading out to join the
others (zoom in on the attached photo). Tried some other tricks for this situation but
no one was budging. All of a sudden hens were alarm calling and running for cover.
Gobblers were lookin around like what the hek??? Source of the confusion..a bald
eagle flying low and chasing the birds. They hauled for cover and the eagle perched.
Soon the turks come back out. It doesn't take long for the gobblers to forget and get
back down to business. Now my binocs are trained on the eagle. Again he drops off
the branch and heads hard for the birds this time actually striking one of the
gobblers running for cover. It wasn't enough to knock him down but he got the
message this time. They all stayed in the cover not to be seen again. What a show. I
packed up and headed home with yet another great experience after 46 years of
gobbler hunting.
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