Immortalizing the Ghost
Pending state record bowkill sika.
gross 75 5/8  net - 70 5/8.

Taxidermy allows me the opportunity to
express my appreciation of the animal and the

This past October I received a call from a local
sika hunting outfit wanting information
pertaining to full body stag mount. They said it
was a big stag but I did not realize just what
they had til I seen it myself. I drove down to
camp and picked up the deer, for the warm
conditions meant immediate actions. After
getting the tags and mounting info from the
my process started right away with caping the
animal for a full body mount. Once the hide is
removed it is necessary to take many accurate
measurements of the entire torso to ensure a
correct finished animal the way he lived.

Due to the small expanse of this species of
sika located only here on Marylands Eastern
Shore, variety in forms are minimal; however
correct mannikins do exist. I often use different
mannikin parts from different suppliers to
achieve accurate representation for a full body
mount. Some suppliers have better bodies
while others have "correct" head shape,
combined make an accurate mount.

Once the Mannikin arrives in my shop there is
numerous hours involved in mannikin altering.
Shaving down parts and adding to other parts
is definately necessary to duplicate a mature
sika stags massive, bold character. Most times
its necessary to remove mannikin head and
reposition in a monor that better suits his
posture or expression. After the mannikins
measureing, altering and postureing is
complete its now ready for the stags cape and
mounting process... Eyes are the soul of every
life is my motto..get the eyes right and that will
bring your mount to life!

What a pleasure it was to do full body mount on
the new pending Md state record stag with a
bow. What an animal.
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