The Sika Seducer
$35.95 plus $8.25 S&H;
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"Collector's Series"
Sika Seducer
$79.75 plus $8.25 S&H;
Custom Whitetail
Grunt Call
$40.00 plus $8.25 S&H;
Each call is individually turned on
a lathe and then tuned by the
master craftsman, call maker
Darrell Gibson from Rutherfordton,
North Carolina. These calls are
guaranteed to reproduce the
sounds of the sika with proper
pitch, volume and clarity.
These deer grunters are custom
made by Darrell Gibson as well.
The barrels are made of Ash and
Bocote with contrasting hard,
wood mouthpieces. They are 4
3/4" in length and have a lanyard
groove. These grunt tubes make
the best whitetail grunts I have
ever heard. You will not be
disappointed. Get the advantage
with this call.
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Sika Deer Hitch Cover
$65.00 plus $8.25 S&H;
6 3/4" diameter, fits standard
square hitch receiver. Lockable.
Give your hunting truck a fantastic
The "Collector Series" Sika
Seducer has a       full color
painting of a bugling stag painter
by    Master Wildlife Artist Wilhelm
Goebel who painted
the sika print Closing the Gap.
Each one varies very slightly.
NOTE: these "Collector Series"
calls are NOT intended to be used
while hunting as the paint could
wear off.
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